The Andover Bean Trail clues ……

24th August 2016

To help you on your way here are some clues …..

Clue 1. Where you might go to get the bits & pieces for those little jobs that need doing at home.

Clue 2 – Here is a mathematical clue (9×9)+ 3 =¬†address on the High St of another tin.

Clue 3 – A lovely place to have a cup of tea/coffee after a morning shopping. It’s name… Brass? Iron? Can you guess?

Clue 4 – If you got clue 3, then check the shops close by. Somewhere with a lot of haberdashery expertise…..

Clue 5 – One of our bean tins is located near Waterloo Court – hope it didn’t get wet last week when water fountain appeared!!

Clue 6 – Maybe we should have sent Bertie, chief of the bean brigade to check out the situation…

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