12 Days of Christmas – how you can fill a Christmas hamper

31st October 2017

Every year the foodbank gives Christmas hampers to families and individuals who are struggling. These hampers make an enormous difference to the festive season, helping alleviate the many financial pressures and allowing people to celebrate the season rather than exist through it.

This year we would like you to help us by donating items for a hamper for a local family or individual in our 12 days of Christmas. We’ve listed 12 dates in the run up to Christmas and specified the item that you could add to your bag. It’s a great way to get the family involved in giving and in your own Christmas preparations.

We need to have hampers with us by Sunday 3 December to be ready for delivery during the following week and we’ll be holding an open afternoon at the foodbank on that day so that you can drop off your hamper and, if you want, have a look around our warehouse and find out how we work.

Many of the items link with popular hashtags on social media so join in and find us on twitter and facebook.

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