A wonderful thank you email

4th August 2023

We received this lovely message from Sarah* to thank us for helping her recently, and we wanted to share, to show the difference a little help can make to an individual going through a difficult time.  Sarah had never used a foodbank before and originally reached out to us via Facebook asking if there was anything we could do for her.   She was able to pop in the next day to chat to Citizens Advice, who referred her to us for emergency food.

Thank you for your kind words Sarah and allowing us to share them.  And thank you to all who donate time, money and food to make our operation possible.

“To the fabulous Foodbank Team,

I just wanted to send a message of thanks to EVERYONE at the foodbank, reaching out to you after losing my job recently and suffering a massive burnout with depression wasn’t easy, but from Day 1 meeting the lovely Helen from CAB, and then meeting all the lovely team at the food bank, I felt so welcomed and comfortable to return. You are all so kind, caring and considerate and should all be extremely proud of the work you do. Each and everyone one of you took time to talk to me on passing and made sure I had everything I needed before I left.   You clearly have everyone’s interests at heart and have helped me beyond words.

The food boxes are a lifeline, my cat is truly happy being spoilt with gourmet food, big meow from her! The added extras (toiletries, and smellies) are phenomenal.  I didn’t realise that you provided these products but again they are so helpful at such a difficult time. The thought that goes into these packages are amazing, my recent body and bath gifts bought a tear to my eye, such a thoughtful package.

A Big special shout out and THANKYOU to the team that delivered a box when I was unable to get to you.  Without you, I would have been in trouble.  I am truly thankful that you are using your own time to help me out, that is special to me!

You should ALL be so proud of yourselves, you are shaping peoples worlds to be that much better during their difficult times, keep up the tremendous hard work.

When I return to work I would like to help out the food bank in any which way I can. So I will be in contact as soon as I am well.

Thankyou again from the bottom of my heart”

*Names have been changed to protect anonymity

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