Food Free Lent

14th February 2017

Due to planned changes in our warehouse later this spring/summer we are having a ‘food free’ Lent! We would like our regular donors to convert their usual food donations into cash. This will help reduce our stocks to make moving a little easier – its hard work shifting food!

By donating cash you will make it possible for us to buy the exact products we need when stocks of them run low. This will allow us to operate out of a much smaller space but not compromise our service. To help save up the pennies (or pounds!), we have created a foodbank money box for you to have at home. The money box can be downloaded and it just requires a bit of cutting and glue.

Alternatively you can make your donation online or by cheque. Do call us on 01264 362111 if you’d like anymore information or to discuss this further.

Your donations provide a valuable breathing space for someone in crisis. Thank you for your continuing support.

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